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Tender night gently flowed

Through our old destinies

Layers of feelings gently unrolled

Leaving purple tracks

On the path of time


I got some wine to pour until the sun goes down

I got some sky to get high before the sun comes up


States of mind let vapour trails

On the wild vault of night

There was room enough

For the Moon and Saturn and the noise we made

There was room enough for mistakes

And faults and love and a lot of wine



Travelling westbound


Neverending sunset

Layers of clouds

What is eternity

If not here and now


Nothing can change

As long as we keep

Travelling westbound

Following the sun


Nothing will change

As long as we drive

Just don't turn away

From the setting sun



We can but dream


Amid a distortion field we live ever more

A bubble of dazzling feedback shields us

From the black vertigo of silence

On the rim of nothingness


Flashes of colour soak up our gaze

Adrift in a fringe of the dark milky way

The thing that has been, shall be again

Nothing's new under the sun - blame the delay!


The wind goes and the wind returns

Must there be another level of wakefulness

Nothing for it, we can but dream

And dream of thinking of dreaming





Don't you be so squabbling in the morning

Sure you might have already killed some men

Sure must be a reason for your rows

I still haven't even had my coffee

Take my coffee

First things first

Take my coffee


Had my cat started to talk

Threaten me in a noble tone

Crunchies now or he'll tan my hide

He'll even challenge me to a duel

I'd say you like the sound of your voice

For now the moka is my weapon of choice

Take my caffè

First things first

Take my caffè



Je est un autre


Aphrodite came with a lot of gifts

And stuck the will in this frail heart

Sprays of light from that burning lamp

Lighting up the hairy bourn


If brass woke trumpet

It's not my fault

Je est un autre



A ring without an end (from 'The Riddle Song', traditional)


I gave my love a cherry with no stone

I gave my love a ring without an end

How can there be a cherry with no stone

How can there be a ring that has no end





A rock in the pond

Ripples on my mind-stream



Plymouth morning


The drops of rain

Sparkle in the light

The trees are laughing

'till they cry

The sky is changing

And you should too

There's nothing steady

Among living things





There is a random stone

Crashing on your head

There's a time bomb

Ticking in your chest

There's a burning fuse

All across your veins


And you can only blame yourself

So sad you can only blame yourself


There is a pinworm

Running through your flesh

There is a black hole

Swallowing you up

There's some quicklime

Burying you alive



Just a spot


Sit in circle

Just some distraction

The three graces

Have a potion

If he knew

But for sure he won't

Just three girls

It's only a spot


Some more of this?

Just a spot

Try this one

Just to know

Really, will you?

Well, why not

Can you feel it?

How couldn't I?


It's not Cézanne nor Botticelli

It's just three girls

We're strictly straight, you sure did know

Straight to the point





Many flowers waft

Lingering perfumes


Your lotuses delight

Red sun sleep in the fog


Like a secret soft

Within the solitudes


Profound deep


You... cascades

There my spirit wades


Vaporous wings

No truth through the words


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